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We at Mana Plumbing are more than just a plumbing business; we are also a relationship business. While we want to help you in your plumbing endeavors with efficacy and professionalism, we also want to build long lasting relationships.  


Become Hawaii's go-to plumbing company by serving our customers and clients in ways that build confidence, trust, and lasting relationships.


Leave our customers and clients satisfied and relieved by providing professional plumbing services that are fast, flexible, and reliable. 


We know that your home is a pretty-penny investment. This is why we offer a full service experience including inspections, installations, repairs, maintenance, consultations & estimates. MANA PLUMBING LLC wants to take care of you AND your home.

We possess a flexibility for when you run into emergencies during our off hours, call us and we will find a way: MANA PLUMBING LLC is ever-present


Mana Plumbing LLC was established in 2023 by Journeyman Plumber Matthew Moniz. Although new to the business world, Matt has invested 10 years of his life to plumbing (education and apprenticeships) and to developing bonds with those who require his services. Mana is rooted in God and driven to serve others by producing quality work and long lasting relationships. 


Yes, Mana is a God centered business but no matter your religious or non-religious background Mana Plumbing is open for all! 

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