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* The prices listed are subject to change

* quotes/estimates are subject to change upon final invoice

* The prices listed do not include tax

* Please contact Mana Plumbing for questions/concerns

Leak Detection


Check area for water damage and locate source. 

Drain Clog

$ 220

Clear and open drain line for water to flow properly.

* kitchen, tub, shower, vanity, and washing machine drain line.

Plumbing Inspection


  • Thorough inspection of all accessible pipes, water connections, valves, drains, faucets, toilets, showers, and spigots.

  • Run water pressure test to ensure proper PSI.

  • Check age, connections, corrosion of water heater.

From discovery of inspection, we will provide you with a list of recommendations for any repairs needed to keep your plumbing system running in tip-top shape. 

* Repairs will incur an additional fee and Mana Plumbing will see to those repairs at a discounted rate.

Water Heater Maintenance


  • Drain water heater to remove sediment from tank. 

  • Replace anode rod. 

  • Check water connectors and replace if needed (added charge). 

  • Check T&P valve and replace if needed (added charge)



Not seeing the service you need?  Contact Mana plumbing via email, text, call, or fill out form below.

Main Line Clog


Clear and open main sewer line for better water flow

Shower Valve Assessment


Check and correct shower valve function and overall condition to determine if valve can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Fixture Install Assessment


  • faucets

  • shower valves

  • shut off valves

  • tubs/shower pans

  • spigots

  • garbage disposals

  • electric/tankless water heaters

  • toilets

  • utility sinks ( laundry),

  • dishwasher

  • ice makers line

  • pressure reducing valve ( whole house)

  • supply hoses

Sewer Line Inspection


  • inspect sewer line integrity.

  • check for any all abnormalities. ( cracks, joint separations, pipe thinning.)

  • check path/direction of sewer line towards street and depth.

  • If clean out is available a charge of $500 pre tax is charged for this service.

  • if clean out is unavailable then additional charges will be added to the final total

  • inspection report provided



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